Value assessment framework (VAF) is a method used to analyze and present the value of a specific innovative medical technology in a local context to inform medical and policy decision-making regarding the efficient use of resources in healthcare. Today, VAF are mainly implemented in developed markets. However, in emerging markets such as the Middle East countries, VAFs are gaining more attention as a potential tool to be used to address rising health care costs. Discussions about VAF predominantly either focus on cost-effectiveness or quality-adjusted-life-year (QALY) as measure of health outcomes. However, in order to grant innovations full appreciation it might useful to include other relevant value dimensions in policy discussion. Other Value assessment methods beyond cost and QALY including multi-criteria decision making will be discussed.

Therefore, the objectives of this session are to:

  1. Discuss what type(s) of VAF method is/are currently being used by payers in countries in Middle East region, and how they are being used.
  2. Discuss challenges faced in countries where these VAF are being used
  3. Discuss what potential common frameworks might be used regionally, if at all, to make local decisions.
  4. Provide practical solutions on how to advance this field in the region, not just for research purposes, but for coverage and reimbursement decisions.

In this Forum speakers will share their country’s experiences with similarities and differences and the following questions will be answered:

  • Is value-based care used in their respective countries?

o If so, where?

o Is it used systematically?

  • How is value being determined or measured by the different stakeholders?

o What criteria? What thresholds?

o When is VAF being done and for what purpose (price setting, reimbursement, clinical guidelines, etc.?)

  • Are countries using external VAF for local decisions?

o If so, which external reference is being used?

o What adjustment, if any are taken for local adaptation?

  • Is across-country collaboration (regional approach) an option?

o What are the pros and cons?

o How can it be implemented?

ISPOR Arabic Network