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China • Japan • Korea • Hong Kong • Taiwan • South East Asia

Quality Healthcare fieldwork service with regional insight provided by multi-lingual, dedicated in-market executives

Proprietary in-house database covering 330 Intractable disease treaters for online and offline projects

Quantitative: Own proprietary panel in Japan, China & Korea with100,000 HCPs opted in specifically for healthcare market research. Completed 800+ online studies in Japan, China and Korea covering therapy areas of Oncology, Endocrinology, Neurology, Gastroenterology, Collagen Diseases and many others.

Qualitative: Our in-house healthcare moderators are highly recommended and referred within the industry by our clients & pharmaceutical companies. Cherry-picked fieldwork partners across Asia further extended our local reach. We have successfully completed projects with Payors, KOLs, C-levels, physician, co-medicals, caregivers and patient utilizing various methodologies such as IDIs in field, TDIs & FGDs and also new innovative techniques.

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